In twenty-five years of representing injured people, I do my best to treat each person’s case as the most important one I’ve ever handled. My goal is to treat each client as I would expect to be treated.

I became a trial lawyer to help make a positive change in people’s lives.

As a boy, my parents stressed the importance of living life by basic, universal truths.  To name a few —Treat others as you want to be treated. When you make a mistake, accept responsibility. Actions speak louder than words. When you take on a job, do it right. It’s always better to be safe than to be sorry.

I try to live by those “universal truths”, and hope that others will try to do the same.  I believe most people want to do the right thing.  Unfortunately, many people and corporations have either lost sight of, neglected, or intentionally chosen to protect people’s fundamental human values, in order to avoid accountability and gain profit.

The end result of the refusal to accept corporate or personal accountability, is that I meet people every day who suffer from physical and emotional injuries that could have and should have been prevented.  For the past 25 years, I’ve fought to help people recover money to make up for harm and losses from those that have caused their life-changing injuries. “Money” for Justice is a poor substitute for the preventable horrors that I’ve seen over the years, but it’s all the law will allow!

Unless you have been hurled into the chaos and misery of a life-changing injury, or the pain of loss of a loved one due to another’s neglect, money is seen by many as a dirty word. To those I say, money–compensation–is the only civilized way to equal out and balance the harm suffered by another and to hold another accountable for their actions.  Day after day, I see people of all walks of life that suffer from preventable medical neglect, car crashes, dangerous conditions of property, dangerous and defective products, corporate wrongdoing, and the like.  The most common emotion I see is fear and a sense of loss… sometimes hopelessness. Followed by questions, such as, why did this happen, how can I prevent this happening to someone else, how do we make sure that the person who did this to me is accountable? People want, need, and deserve Justice…

Early on, I grew up with the law.  My grandfather, father, and uncles were all trial lawyers.  As a boy, I would often spend Saturday mornings with my dad at my family’s law practice on Bangs Avenue in Asbury Park, learning about peoples’ problems.  When my dad, Thomas F. Shebell, Jr., became a judge in Monmouth County Superior Court, I would go to the Court House in Freehold with him on many Saturday mornings.  I felt at home in the halls of the court house and the courtroom. In the back of my mind, I always knew I wanted to be a trial lawyer.

When I attended Providence College, I buried my thoughts of being a lawyer in the recesses of my mind, perhaps because I feared living in my father’s shadow.  Instead, I developed an interest in creative writing and poetry.  By my senior year, I fell in love with my wife, Michelle, and knew I would never be able to support us as a writer.  By the time we got engaged eight months later, I made the decision to attend law school at the Dickinson School of Law, in Pennsylvania.  I graduated law school in 1991, and moved back to Monmouth County with Michelle, and our first daughter, Mackie.

I then had the privilege to Clerk for Justice Daniel J. O’Hern, of the New Jersey Supreme Court, for one year.  Within one week of finishing my clerkship with Justice O’Hern, I tried my first jury trial as an associate at Drazin & Warsaw, in Red Bank, New Jersey.  Over the course of the next three years, I tried over fifty jury trials to verdict, mostly in Monmouth, Middlesex, Hudson, and Ocean Counties.  Since that time, I’ve continued to try cases throughout the State.

Benjamin Franklin once said — “You do well in life, by doing good”.  My goal in life and law is to “do good”. Each client is unique and each “case” deserves singular attention.  Every client that enters my office is a human being who needs help, and I truly care about each person that I represent.  I actively and reflectively listen when people talk with me.  I often try to reverse roles with clients, and even defendants, to better understand how things for their perspective.

I also know what it feels like, first-hand, to have times when we are vulnerable, weak, and fearful.  I know what it’s like to suffer the long-term effects of life-long injuries after being struck by a car back in 2000. I  know what it is like to spend weeks in a hospital bed, to have operation after operation — to literally count the seconds, minutes, and hours for waves of pain to pass… to stare at the clock on the wall waiting for night to become morning.

I’ve walked in many of my clients’ shoes and taken the difficult journey back from injuries to just about every part of my body.  After 29 orthopedic operations over 17 years, my body will never be the same.  I don’t move or bend too well; I wake up with some degree of pain every day; I don’t sleep too well on most nights, and often wonder what I will be like as I get older.  I sometimes worry about whether I will be able to do the simple things with my wife, kids, and, hopefully, grandkids one day.

I am thankful to be alive and am able to work full-time.  I am a lot more fortunate than many of the people that I represent, who have jobs that require physical labor, or those who can’t get the medical care they need, or have physical or emotional injuries that cannot be fixed by modern medicine.  Once thing is for sure — I bring these thoughts from years of often hard living, pain, and frustration into every persons’ case that I work for.

At my firm, we fight to preserve your right to be compensated for injuries caused by the neglect of others.  The defense insurance companies and most corporations have one goal — to make money. Every corporate decision is a cost-benefit-risk analysis, designed to maximize profits for their executives and shareholders.

The lawyers that I’ve chosen to join the fight at my firm are thoughtful battlers.  We fight for core human, civil rights and values that include human happiness, enjoyment, and emotional and physical well-being.

At Shebell & Shebell, we see plaintiff’s trial lawyers as the last-resistance fighters against the insurance industry and corporate power structure. My greatest fear is the indifference of good people — jurors chosen from our community — who may choose to do nothing in the face of injustice.  Armed with the true facts, I have seen jurors recognize the importance of holding people accountable, of restoring human dignity, of valuing human losses, and, by delivering a just verdict, make the community a safer place.  

At the end of the day, I ask myself these questions —  Did I give my client 100% of my best?  Did I fight for a cause that I believe will further my client’s interests?  Did I bring a safety issue caused by dangerous conduct or a harmful product to the public’s awareness?  Did I give the jurors the evidence and guidance they need to deliver a meaningful verdict for my client, for the right reason?

If I can say yes to those questions, then I’ve had a good day. Although I have helped thousands of clients over the years, I have also suffered the pain of lost cases. Justice denied to good, honest, and deserving people injured through no fault of their own. Every day, I strive to improve as a human being and trial lawyer.

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After trying over 80 jury trials to verdict, I wanted to improve as a trial lawyer, father, husband, and human being.  In the summer of 2014, I was invited to spend three weeks in Wyoming, learning different trial skills from one of the best trial lawyers of our time — Gerry Spence.  At Spence’s Trial Lawyer’s College, Spence and a special group of trial lawyers reinforce what many lawyers have forgotten — what it means to be a human being, caring for another human being.

Trials are not about the lawyer and his or her ego.  A trial is about giving jurors the true story of what happened to our client — a regular human being.  It is about honoring, respecting, and trusting in the incredible power of ordinary people — jurors — to do the right thing.  Before trial, I always go to a client’s home, sometimes several times, to better understand who that person really is, and how their injuries have effected their lives.

If you need my help, you can reach out to me until 11:00 p.m. every day.  I can be called at the office at 732-663-1122, or by e-mail at My mobile number is usually the best way to reach me, at 732-614-3628 , again until 11:00 p.m., unless it’s of critical importance. I do my best to return phone calls or e-mails on the same day or night of the call.

 TLC-logo-transparent avo-award

CTA-logo-transparentThe Board on Attorney Certification was established by the Supreme Court of New Jersey in 1980 fo the purpose of helping consumers find attorneys who have a recognized level of competence in particular fields of law. Attorneys may be designated by the Supreme Court as “Certified Attorneys” if they: are able to demonstrate sufficient levels of experience, education, knowledge and skill in a specific area of law or practice; have passed a rigorous examination; and have been recognized by their peers as having sufficient skills and reputation in the designated specialty. An attorney must be a member in good standing of the New Jersey Bar for at least five years; taken a specific number of continuing legal education courses in the three years prior to filing an application; demonstrate substantial involvement in preparation of litigated matters; demonstrate an unblemished reputation by submitting a list of attorneys and judges who will attest to the applicant’s character and ability; and pass a written examination covering various aspects of practice in the designated specialty.  Approximately only 2% of all lawyers in the State of New Jersey have received the designation of Certified Civil Trial Attorney.


  • General Counsel for the Boro of Fair Haven Fire Department
  • Member, Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Member, Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Member, Monmouth County Civil Practice Committee
  • Member, Monmouth Bar Association General Welfare Committee
  • Member, American Association for Justice
  • Member, New Jersey Association for Justice
  • Member, Trial Attorneys of New Jersey
  • Member, NJ State Bar Association
  • Member, Super Lawyers 2012-2016
  • Member, New Jersey Supreme Court Civil Practice Committee
  • Member of the Borough of Fair Haven Zoning Board
  • National Trial Lawyers Top 100
  • Certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Civil Trial Attorney


  • New Jersey, 1991


  • Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyers College, 2014
  • The Dickinson School of Law, 1991, J.D.
  • Providence College, 1988, B.A.


  • New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Daniel J. O’Hern, Law Clerk, 1991 – 1992
  • Drazin and Warshaw, P.C., Associate Trial Attorney, 1992 – 1995

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What Are People Saying About Thomas F. Shebell, III ?

Ferocious Fighter

Tom Shebell and his firm came highly recommended by several reputable people in the community. I come from a family deeply rooted in law enforcement, so I greatly appreciate that Tom grew up with the law as well, hailing from a family of highly respected attorneys. He easily grasped the complexity of my case and eased my concerns, while ferociously fighting for me. One of the moments that stands out to me the most was when I voiced a concern over possible retaliation and he said, "they're going to have come through me first." I wholeheartedly believed him then and now. There is no one else I'd want in my corner than Tom Shebell.
Posted by on February 23

Thank you.

Thomas F. Shebell III, is a man and lawyer of his word. I have known Thomas Shebell III for over ten years. I will say that I'm a cynic when it come to lawyers in general as I concur with "Shakespears" take on this profession. However, I make Thomas Shebell the exception to this sentiment based on his history, integrity, high moral fiber and his genuine caring for each client. If you have a complicated case Thomas F. Shebell III Will put order to the chaos throughout the legal process. You will be able to make informed decisions based on his study of your case and give you appropriate direction. I'm confident that Thomas F. Shebell III, will guide you appropriately and fairly and that you will be satisfied with your legal outcome.If I had to make a comparison of Thomas Shebell III, I would compare him to the fictional character "Atticus Finch" the main character in "To kill a mockingbird" who demonstrated the qualities that Thomas F. ShebellI has.Thank you Tom for your caring and legal expertise!
Posted by Timothy on May 19

Thank You

Thomas Shebell and his team helped me out during a very hard time in my life. I have never had an event in my life prior to this that would required a lawyer. But after just one meeting I knew I was in good hands. He and his team went above and beyond for me and included me in the process and explained every step in terms I could understand. He made a hard life changing event a bit easier to handle and to overcome. When we finally reached the end Thomas and his team became a supportive family to me and made a very emotional experience in my life easier to accept and move forward. Thank you Shebell and Shebell for being there for me and keeping the doors open.

Posted by Tara on May 5

My Results.

I could not have been more pleased with the result of my case, but especially the professionalism in which it was handled. Tom F. Shebell was extremely kind and sensitive to every detail of my situation, and his entire staff was completely understanding of my needs. If you ever need a Personal Injury Attorney I would be more than pleased to recommend this firm.
Posted by Philomena on March 13

Class Act

Tommy Shebell (and I'll call him that familiarly) has to be the most prepared, efficient,honest and down to earth lawyer I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. If you are lucky enough to get him to take a case for you, you are in the finest legal hands in N.J.
Posted by on February 15

Lawyer or Friend?

Thomas has been nothing short of perfection. He has lead me with the best advice, he is always available and has recommended the best doctors. I would gladly recommend him to anyone that could use his services. He not only does his job amazingly but he never leaves you in the dark.
Posted by Leon on November 24

A League Of His Own

Mere words cannot express my gratitude to Thomas F Shebell III. He took on a case, that other attorneys would shy away from and fought vehemently for my husband, myself and our daughter. His tenacity is only surpassed by his kindness and compassion for his clients well-being. I would recommend Mr. Shebell III to anyone who may need an attorney to guide them through a difficult time and see them through to a successful end. Many thanks again to him and his staff!!
Posted by Debbie on July 27

How to prove that NOBODY saves money with GEICO… ever, even over more than 48+ months… forget 15 minutes!

Mr. Shebell helped to blunt the discomfort of being swept off a motorcycle by an indifferent young woman; helped to navigate the troubled waters of insurance-dependent medical care and claims, rehabilitation and anxiety; and, most critically, provided ample and reassuring advice and counsel when it came to dealing with GEICO's maneuvers, manipulations and posturing (including the hiring of a non-NJ-licensed private investigator as a means to disrupt properly established data). He was always professional, patient and accommodating. Effectively, he was able to render an intolerable circumstance much less so, and along the way earned much merited respect and admiration. Thank you.
Posted by Jeffrey on March 11

If you need a lawyer Thomas F Shebell III is the only name you need to know

In 2009 I was involved in a car accident that flipped my world upside down. I was 20 years old suffering from constant back pain and struggling with the emotional rollercoaster that followed. I was young and unsure about where to go for representation until a family member referred me to Tom. I am lucky I took their advice. Tom kept me informed about everything that was going on in a timely fashion and included me in every decision making process. Tom is a compassionate, knowledgeable, respectful and professional attorney. He treated me like a human being instead of a paycheck and sincerely cared about how I was doing. He was available to me off hours and responded to my every call, email, and even text within minutes. Tom has represented me in a personal injury and a medical malpractice case and in both situations he made me feel as if I was his most important client. Tom also has a wonderful team working for him. Everyone is personable and understanding. Every interaction with his staff was a pleasant one and I never felt like I was a bother to them. I highly recommend Tom!!
Posted by Courtney on February 11

One of the Best

When six other lawyers refused to take my case for a botched ear surgery that left me deaf claiming malpractices cases are too difficult and take too much time, Tom Shebell took me as a client. Once he took my case, Tom spent endless hours learning all the medical and biological aspects about the ear. Tom ended up knowing more about the ear than I did after teaching biology for 20+ years. During the entire case, Tom kept me personally informed about the process. He always responded to any questions I had. Tom always returned calls within 1 day which is very unusal for most lawyers. Tom developed a solid case backed up by a large amount of researched evidence which was used wisely during depositions. Malpractice suits involving doctors are very difficult to process and win, yet tom was able to gain a large settlement for me. I would highly recommend Tom for anyone who needs a top-notch lawyer who does his homework and is highly skilled in his profession.
Posted by Frank on December 27

Tom Shebell Law Firm

Tom is kind, smart, caring and important person. Tom and His team have alot of patients, great to work with. Don't be afraid to express your concerns, by the way he is a strong hearted person. The best thing to do is be honest, your case wil be solved. Thanks for a great job well done.
Posted by Ivy on December 25


Thomas Shebell was an A M A Z I N G attorney for our personal injury case. He made himself available to all our questions and concerns during the whole process. We were very nervous about it all and he set our fears to rest. You instantly believe in him after your first meeting. He was serious yet empathetic, had superb legal knowledge, and great judgement. His staff is also top notch. Words cannot describe how wonderful a lawyer we believe Thomas Shebell to be and would highly recommend him.
Posted by Michele on December 8

law suit

Tom is an excellent attorney. He gets his job . He fights very hard for his clients. He fought for my husband for 7yrs and he did a great job. I would like to say thank you for all his great work. I will recommend him to anyone. Thank you again Tom.
Posted by Debbie on October 1


We could not have been more pleased with not only the result of our case but especially the professional manner in which it was handled. Mr. Shebell was extremely sensitive with every detail and his entire staff was completely accommodating. We would be more than pleased to recommend this firm.
Posted by Dianne on November 15

My hero, my attorney who is always there for me!

Tom Shebell has represented me and my family members in several cases. Tom is the most prepared lawyer I have ever seen, and demands respect in and outside of the court room. His staff is amazing and never makes you feel as if you are bothering them. I always feel that I am his most important client, and he always takes my call. If he is busy, I am reassured that he will get right back to me and he does. His knowledge of the law and research on your case is impecable, and will never give up until he gets the results that he feels are the best for you. Although he is the most professional attorney I have ever worked with, he refers you call him Tom (not Mr. Shebell), and I am most comfortable calling him Tommy. His cell phone is on his answering service, to comfort you and assuring you that you can reach him if necessary, no matter what. I will never retain another lawyer, unless it is a case that he cannot handle. That has never happened to me. Unfortunately, Tommy is handling a very emotional case for my family, and whenever we discuss it our meet together he is very comforting to us. For a family man, and extremely busy attorney to handle matters like this, it truly takes a special type of person, and extraordiinary human being. If anyone take my advise, Tom Shebell, III is the only attorney that should be called first, and believe me you will not make another call. As I said in my title, he is my true "hero"!
Posted by Sandi on September 17

Tenacious, Prepared, and Extremely Thorough

Tom represented me in a medical malpractice case. He could not have done anymore than he did for me and my case, because he covered every aspect with incredible detail. If I ever needed to get in touch with him, I had his cell phone and he always answered the phone. I have seen other lawyers handle themselves in court, but no attorney like Tom. At the end of the trial the attorney from the other side even complimented Tom and I could tell how impressed he was with him. I would and do highly reccommend Tom to anybody that might have a Medical Malpractice or Personal Injury case.
Posted by Brian on August 24

I am Grateful I was able to have Thomas Shebell for my Lawyer

Thomas Shebell and his staff were very good to work with. They were always professional, but also very down to earth and real. I always felt that my best interest was their main concern. I was always able to call with questions and concerns and was never made to wait or to feel like I was inconveniencing anyone. I always felt that they knew instantly who I was and what was going on with my case. In the end, Thomas was able to get the best possible settlement for me. I am very grateful to have been treated like my case truly mattered to them.
Posted by Toni on March 28

Review Thomas Shebell, III

Mr. Shebell is more than just a successful, excellent attorney; he is compassionate, sincere and truly cares about his clients and above all, he is ethical. He is extremely knowledgeable and has a certain level of expertise and perseverance that is rare to find. As my attorney, he treated me, my ideas and my concerns with respect and kindness. Mr. Shebell's staff share his professionalism.
Posted by Lisa on September 26

Case Involving Injury Requiring Multiple Surgeries

Mr. Shebell is our hero, plain and simple. Working against the odds, Mr. Shebell was able to highlight the differences in our case vs existing case law and bring our case to a just conclusion. We see Mr. Shebell as someone who stands up against the bullies and uses his expert knowledge of law and his experience to develop the right approach to get a positive outcome. Our case involved multiple injuries from negligence on the part of a 3rd party, requiring three expensive and painful surgeries, with a fourth one on the way, and although the scars and pain from those injuries will never go away, Mr. Shebell was able to obtain proper justice, which helps alleviate some of the suffering and cost. He stepped in where many attorneys may not have, and fought like a warrior to protect us. We will be forever grateful to Mr. Shebell because of the work he did in this case.
Posted by Mike on September 19

Knowledgeable, Friendly , Great staff

Mr Shebell ( who likes to be called Tom ) was very understanding and helpful to all my needs . He was never more the a phone call away with any question I may have had and I have to say the same about the staff that work with him (not for him so to speak) .
Posted by Deborah on