Our Monmouth Personal Injury Firm is committed to providing you and your loved ones with the best possible legal representation.

We see each person’s case as a true story that needs to be told.

Our objective at Shebell & Shebell is to work to hold the person or corporation accountable for the injuries that you have endured, and strive to set a standard that prevents further injustice, in an effort to protect our community.

We have chosen not to publish any of our notable jury verdicts or settlements that have caused our clients’ injuries and losses on this site. In our view, there are three principle reasons why we have elected this course of action:

  1. Every human being we represent, every juror, every jury verdict, and every settlement, is unique. There are any number of factors that can determine the outcome of any legal case.
  2. Advertising that we obtained a certain dollar amount based on a jury verdict or settlement for a human being’s losses, without a full and complete disclosure of all facts and circumstances, may be misleading to the you, and the public as a whole.
  3. Our mission is to take on a person’s case with a fresh perspective, and to tailor our approach according to the needs of the person we are representing. We focus on obtaining a just verdict or settlement that represents a just outcome for each person, based on the injuries and losses suffered by that human being.

We have achieved numerous recoveries exceeding one-million dollars or more. Those results, however, tell you little about the quality of our legal skills, or the experience that our team of lawyers and support staff provides for our clients.

For a better understanding of the caring and determined nature of Tom Shebell, and quality of our firm, we recommend that you review our Client Testimonials section of this website. Additionally, on request, we will be happy to supply you with a listing of our recent jury verdicts and settlements.

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