This Is What John Had To Say

Above and Beyond

After some unfortunate events, I had the very fortunate experience meeting Mark Apostolou Jr. In my moment of greatest legal need Mark was there for me every step of the way. He did everything within his power, beyond my wildest expectations to clear my record of some very serious, possibly life altering charges. Never having required a lawyer or facing charges of the magnitude I faced; I placed my very livelihood in Mark’s very able hands. When it came to gathering evidence, finding statutes that benefitted me, or bringing in the right experts at the right time; Mark was on point. My case dragged on for almost a year and not once did I feel like Mark was not right by my side fighting for me. He made himself available on a consistent and constant basis either by phone or by email, and was always quick to respond and put my fears at ease. His knowledge of the law, background as a prosecutor, and ultimately his passion for his clients makes him the ideal attorney. No matter what I requested, be it a menial question or to prepare paperwork for me, it was done almost immediately. I would emphatically recommend Mark Apostolou Jr to anyone who requires legal assistance.

Posted by John on December 20