This Is What Mike Had To Say

Case Involving Injury Requiring Multiple Surgeries

Mr. Shebell is our hero, plain and simple. Working against the odds, Mr. Shebell was able to highlight the differences in our case vs existing case law and bring our case to a just conclusion. We see Mr. Shebell as someone who stands up against the bullies and uses his expert knowledge of law and his experience to develop the right approach to get a positive outcome. Our case involved multiple injuries from negligence on the part of a 3rd party, requiring three expensive and painful surgeries, with a fourth one on the way, and although the scars and pain from those injuries will never go away, Mr. Shebell was able to obtain proper justice, which helps alleviate some of the suffering and cost. He stepped in where many attorneys may not have, and fought like a warrior to protect us. We will be forever grateful to Mr. Shebell because of the work he did in this case.

Posted by Mike on September 19