Victims of Car Accidents Deserve Their Day in Court, Compensation

There have been 42 reports of people dying in car accidents, to date – thanks specifically to a faulty ignition switch in some General Motors vehicles. Both GM and federal authorities are aware of the defect, yet there has been no move to fix the problem.

Unfortunately, the victims’ families have felt the repercussions of these heinous accidents many times over. They have been told by lawyers that their cases aren’t worth the cost to litigate. GM has settled six cases brought against it with relation to these accidents, but the vast majority of families have yet to be compensated for their incalculable loss.

In a New York Times article, posted to on Dec. 29, 2014 (Victims of G.M. Deadly Defect Fall Through Legal Cracks), readers learn of one particular family’s saga. Natasha Weigel, 18, was killed in an accident involving the faulty ignition switch. In fact, according to published reports, Weigel’s car swerved off a Wisconsin road in 2006 after the vehicle shut off due to the defect.  Since the car shut off before it made impact with trees, the airbags did not inflate. Weigel and another teenager were killed in the crash.

Weigel’s family, and many others, approached personal injury law firms hoping for representation but, to date, have been turned down. The party line is always the same:  the cost of a lawsuit against a giant like General Motors would be prohibitive.

Read the article here.

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