Amusement Park Slip and Fall Accidents

As spring is upon us and the weather warms up, we can all look forward to going to amusement parks and boardwalks this summer. Although amusement parks are fun, they can also be very dangerous. When you think of theme park injuries, you might think of people being injured on rides. However, it is actually much more common for visitors to be injured in slip-and-fall accidents.


First, amusement parks are largely constructed of concrete, making any falls much more dangerous, particularly for older adults. In addition, water rides leave people dripping wet. Although the areas adjacent to the water rides are usually carefully maintained, sometimes a park can be slow to respond to an unexpected hazard. Bathroom floors, restaurants and gift shops can become wet and slippery when visitors trapped in flash rain storms take shelter.


Recently, a couple sued Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Parks in Jackson, New Jersey for $50,000, fees, costs, expenditures, interest and other relief after a slip-and-fall accident at the park. In August of 2013, a woman was leaving the restroom when park staff had blocked the exit with cleaning carts and failed to warn visitors of the hazard. As she tried to avoid the carts, she slipped and fell. The woman severely injured her arm, neck and back, and had to undergo multiple surgeries. She continues to suffer from chronic pain. The woman’s husband is also suing Six Flags for loss of consortium.


If you are injured at an amusement park, you should:

  • Seek immediate medical treatment for any injuries
  • Keep records of any medical bills
  • Take photos of the scene of your injury, documenting the conditions that contributed to your fall, including your shoes and clothing
  • Get contact information from any witnesses to the accident or people who helped you afterwards, including theme park employees
  • Report your accident to theme park management
  • Do not agree to prepare a written or recorded statement, or sign any documents without first consulting an experienced slip and fall attorney
  • Write down your recollection of the incident, including details. Although at the time, you may think you will remember everything, memories fade.
  • Record the date, time, weather conditions, how many visitors were surrounding you and who you were with at the time of your fall


New Jersey Slip and Fall Lawyers at Shebell & Shebell Get Maximum Compensation For Victims of Amusement Park Slip and Fall Accidents

If you have been injured while at a theme park, amusement park or boardwalk area, you should seek legal assistance immediately. There is a statute of limitations in New Jersey that limits the length of time you have to bring a claim. If you do not file your claim within this legally prescribed time period, you may be barred from pursuing the compensation you are entitled to.


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