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What Age Group Has the Highest Pedestrian Fatality Rate?

In New Jersey, people 65 and older are at a higher risk of being hit by a car. Fatal pedestrian accidents have increased dramatically over the last 10 years nationwide. But a closer look at New Jersey's fatal pedestrian accidents reveals a disturbing problem - older residents are over-represented among victims. In 2021, for example,...

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10 Ways Drivers Can Help Prevent Bicycle Accidents

To share the road safely with bicyclists, drivers must follow certain steps. Bicycling is popular in Shrewsbury, Newark, and throughout New Jersey. Bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of motor vehicles. But some drivers think of bicycles as little more than an annoyance and don't act responsibly. The result is often a...

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Never Events: Preventable Medical Errors That Should Never Happen

A "Never Event" can lead to serious health consequences When we seek medical care, we put our trust in healthcare professionals to provide us with safe and effective treatment. Unfortunately, there are instances where preventable medical errors occur, resulting in devastating consequences for patients and their families. These types of errors are known as "Never...

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The Role of Independent Medical Exams in New Jersey Workers' Comp Claims

IMEs can play a critical role in workers' comp claims An independent medical exam sounds innocent enough, but when the insurance company requests one as a condition of workers' compensation benefits, the term becomes more sinister. Under the New Jersey workers' compensation system, your employer's insurance provider can request that you get a medical examination...

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Common Knee Injuries in Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall on someone else's property may result in a severe knee injury. Slip and fall accidents are very common in Shrewsbury, Newark, and locations throughout New Jersey, especially during the winter months. Property and business owners have a responsibility to keep their premises safe but, unfortunately, they don't always meet this responsibility....

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Winter Slip and Fall Accidents on Commercial Property

Slip and falls on ice or snow can cause a wide range of severe injuries Every winter brings snow and freezing weather to New Jersey, leading to slippery sidewalks, parking lots, and other outdoor areas. People are injured every year in slip and fall accidents each winter – and many of these accidents are preventable....

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New Footwear Standard Is Good News for Worker Safety

Slip and fall accidents often lead to severe workplace injuries Slip and fall accidents are the third most common non-fatal work-related injuries in the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Workers can be seriously hurt after slipping on water, ice, oil, gas, or other substances and could be forced to...

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