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'Top 10' most cited OSHA violations of 2020

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently released preliminary data for its top 10 most cited violations for 2020. The list remained unchanged from 2019, with one exception — ladder violations rose from No. 6 to No. 5. It should be of no surprise that these violations are also the leading causes of workplace...

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Can I collect workers' compensation for hearing loss?

There are many workers who spend hours in noisy environments in order to earn a living. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 22 million American workers are exposed to hazardous noise levels on the job each year. In addition, occupational hearing loss has been deemed "one of the most common...

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Workplace Injuries Linked to Heavy lifting

Injuries from lifting heavy objects usually take place under a pair of circumstances. First, you may be asked to lift a particularly heavy object that causes an injury – a onetime task. Second, you may regularly lift heavy objects – ongoing work that becomes injurious through wear and tear. In either case, according to the...

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Preventing workplace injuries linked to flammable chemicals

Many workplace injuries and deaths are linked to exposure to flammable chemicals, fires and explosions. We often hear about explosions that happen due to improper storage of flammable materials. One particular incident that made international headlines was the August 4 explosion that happened in Beirut. Roughly 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate was improperly stored at...

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NJ lawmakers introduce legislation that would impact workers' comp cases & third party claims

New Jersey lawmakers recently introduced legislation that would remove limitations on lawsuit costs and attorneys' fees relating to third-party workplace injury claims. Senate Bill 2721 was introduced by Democratic Senator Nicholas Scutari on July 28, 2020. Currently, there is a $750 cap on reductions of workers' compensation liens related to costs required in third-party liability...

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Legal battle brews over Amazon's workplace injury data

There has recently been a lot of publicity about the way Amazon has approached the treatment and safety of its workers. According to Occupational Health & Safety Magazine, several workers have expressed dissatisfaction for how the retail giant accommodated them after sustaining injuries or illnesses on the job. Additional criticisms were raised during the COVID-19...

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Workplace burnout is a real health threat

While some jobs are more stressful than others, all workers can experience stress at the workplace. Over time, that stress can take its toll and lead to burnout. What is workplace burnout? Verywell Mind says “burnout can leave people feeling exhausted, empty, and unable to cope with the demands of life.” It notes the common...

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Sweeney bill may allow workers sickened by COVID-19 to collect workers' compensation

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed Executive Order No. 107 requiring many businesses to close their doors until further notice. Not all businesses and public services are closed, however. People still need to get food and essential items. They still need to make medical appointments and get treatment....

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