Common Work-Related Injuries and Compensation in New Jersey

Each year, thousands of workers in New Jersey are injured on the job. Many workers are injured so severely that they are never able to return to work. This is damaging not only to the worker but also to his or her family.

Most on-the-job injuries are preventable. Education is crucial to preventing work-related injuries. Employers, as well as employees, bear a responsibility for creating a safe work environment. Below, we present some of the most common work-related injuries in New Jersey.

Overexertion: This is the most common injury in the workplace and is the result of pushing, pulling, carrying, lifting, holding, and throwing. Along with being the most common on-the-job injury, it is also the most expensive. The best way to prevent injuries related to overexertion is proper training.

Slip and Fall: These types of injuries usually occur when workers slip on a wet floor or trip over something. Such accidents can be prevented by paying attention to one’s surroundings, not leaving items laying around, and always wiping up spills immediately.

Falling Objects: When items are fall or are dropped from high places, they can result in serious injuries to individuals below. Such injuries can potentially be fatal. The best way to prevent such accidents is for workers to always wear protective gear and ensure the work environment is free from hazards.

Falls from High Places: Falls from high places, including roofs and ladders, can be quite dangerous. The use of protective gear and consistent training are the best way to prevent high-elevation falls.

Machine Accidents: Machinery-related accidents usually occur when limbs, hair, or clothing becomes caught in a machine while in operation. Such injuries can be especially dangerous and can result in permanent damage to or even killing a worker. Paying careful attention while operating machinery, using protective gear, and proper training are essential for reducing such injuries.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: Anytime a worker is injured in a motor vehicle accident while driving or riding as a passenger for business purposes, the accident is considered a work-related injury. Paying careful attention while driving as well as taking safe driver training courses can help to prevent motor vehicle accidents while on the job.

Repetitive Motion Injuries: This type of injury is one of the most common in the workplace. Although it is one of the less obvious types of injuries, a repetitive motion injury can certainly be quite harmful in the long term. Such injuries may include strained muscles and tendons, resulting in back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. The proper use of ergonomic equipment and employee training can reduce the occurrence of such injuries.

Workers who have been injured while on the job may be entitled to receive compensation. Injuries can be painful, traumatic, and expensive. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney can help injured workers ensure they receive the full amount of compensation to which they are entitled.

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