Compensatory Damages in a Personal Injury Case

What are Compensatory Damages?

When you are injured and someone else may be at fault, you could be entitled to recover damages.  One type of damages that may be recovered in a personal injury lawsuit are compensatory damages.  Compensatory damages may be awarded for actual injuries and losses as a result of an accident. These types of damages are commonly referred to as “actual damages,” and they seek to make a person “whole” again.   A plaintiff may be able to recover any of the following through an award for compensatory damages:

  • Medical expenses and the cost of medical treatment.  This may cover the cost of hospital bills, medical bills, rehabilitative treatment, prescription costs, and other health care-related expenses.  
  • Lost wages and/or Future Loss.  An injury may cause a person to lose time from work, resulting in lost wages.  If the injury causes the plaintiff to lose future potential to make money, they may be entitled to recover damages for future loss of wages.
  • Pain and Suffering.  A plaintiff may be entitled to recover damages for pain and suffering if the pain and suffering can be directly linked to the plaintiff’s injury.
  • Emotional Distress/Mental Anguish.  If the injury causes the plaintiff severe emotional suffering, the plaintiff may be able to recover damages for emotional distress/mental anguish.  This may require that a plaintiff prove that the act was intentional.

Should I Contact an Attorney About my Personal Injury matter?

An experienced personal injury attorney may be able to assist you with understanding your rights if you were injured in any type of accident.  They can help to review your matter and discuss the best options with you.  If you need an experienced personal injury attorney, contact Shebell & Shebell today.

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