What are the different types of product defects?

Any time an individual purchases a product, it is rare that they fear they will become injured. However, if the product was defective, the individual may become seriously injured on even the most simple product. Product defects can occur in any item, ranging from cars to children’s toys to food items to general household goods that one would never think twice about. If there was negligence somewhere along the line from conception to when the product is sitting on the shelves, an individual can become injured and their life can be altered forever.

When an injured person decides to pursue a product liability case, his or her attorney will have to conduct an investigation to determine what caused the accident. The attorney will likely hire a team of experts to assess every single step from the product’s design to its placement in the store.

If design team that worked to come up with the product overlooked a potential issue, they may be held liable. If the product’s design was perfectly safe but someone cut corners during the manufacturing of the product, they may be the party that will be held liable. Perhaps the product was designed and manufactured according to safety standards and everyone did their job correctly and it was actually the fault of the person who made the label or instructions. If the team in charge of this fails to warn users and provide them with instructions, they will be the ones to blame for the injury.

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