What is important to bring to a consultation with my injury attorney?

When someone becomes injured in an accident that was caused because another party was negligent, they may want to consider taking legal action. The first thing to do when it comes time to think about legal options is to find a personal injury attorney and schedule a consultation to discuss the possibilities of the case. At the initial consultation, the injured party should make sure they come prepared with any important documentation that is pertinent to the accident, the injuries, or the related expenses.

Some of the documents that an injured party may want to bring to the initial consultation include the following:

  • Police reports that were filed in regards to the accident, if there are any
  • Photographs or video footage of the scene of the accident
  • Copies of any medical reports related to the physical injuries that occurred during the accident. There should be information regarding the diagnosis, treatment plans, and prognosis for recovery, if possible
  • Detailed information about all expenses related to the accident, such as:
    • Prescriptions
    • Parking costs
    • Transportation
    • Property repairs
    • All medical bills, paid and unpaid
  • All insurance information for the injured party and for the party that caused the accident

Of course, the injury attorney working on the case will want all relevant information. Additionally, it is important for the injured party to provide contact information for themselves, their doctors, any individuals who witnessed the accident, representatives from both insurance companies, and anyone else who may be important to the case.

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