What should I do when I am injured by a defective product?

Throughout the holiday season that we are just stepping out of, families across the country spent millions of dollars on consumer goods in an effort to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. When consumers make the decision to purchase a product, they rarely think very much, if at all, about all of the possible hazards and defects associated with the product. Unfortunately, when a consumer good is defective, the consumer can become seriously injured or even pass away as a result of the faulty product. When these tragedies happen, the injured party or surviving family members may want to consider their legal options.

There are many different groups involved in the creation of a product. Someone must design the product, someone else must manufacture the product, and finally, a third group is responsible for creating warnings on the product. When any of these three groups is negligent, the product can be defective and cause consumers to become seriously injured. When someone is injured by a defective product, they may want to consider their legal options.

First, it is important that they seek medical attention as needed. Collect your medical records related to diagnosis and treatment of the injuries. Another important aspect of a product liability case is to make sure that the injured party does not throw out or modify the product. It is crucial that the injured party’s attorney and a team of experts is able to see the product and study how it became defective. Not only will they investigate the product itself, they will also look into the design, manufacturing, and labeling of the product to determine who needs to be held liable.

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