What are some injuries caused by dentist negligence?

Though many people have a tendency to dread going to the dentist, they do trust that the dentist won’t do any real harm to them during the visit. Unfortunately, if a dentist is negligent during the dental visit, the patient can suffer serious injuries that can have lifelong impacts on the individual. Whether the individual is injured during a routine visit for a cleaning or during a major dental procedure, it is important that they seek justice to hold the dentist accountable for their negligence.

If a dentist falls below the accepted standards of care and makes mistakes that other dentists would not have made, the patient may be subject to additional problems. Some of the ways that a dentist may act negligently include:

  • Delayed dental treatment
  • Failure to diagnose an infection, periodontal disease, mouth cancer, severed nerve, sinus perforation, or another dental condition
  • Failure to refer the patient to seek additional treatment in a timely manner or at all
  • Pulling the incorrect tooth
  • Anesthesia errors due to failure to review medical history or not administering the proper amount of anesthesia
  • Negligence during a root canal that can result
  • Injuring nerves during tooth removal which can result in facial trauma, loss of feeling, serious pain, or slurred speech

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