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Traffic violations are an exceedingly common offense that can affect anyone. If you have been cited for multiple violations, the consequences can be devastating. In addition to facing fines and possible jail time, points can accumulate on your driving record with each citation.  This results in soaring insurance premiums, and in some cases, suspension of one’s license. If you are issued a traffic ticket in New Jersey, contact Shebell & Shebell.

New Jersey’s Point System

When making a traffic stop, police officers tend to cite drivers for as many violations as possible. In New Jersey, drivers accumulate points for each violation with a guilty verdict. These points are essentially demerits applied to your driving record. Once you accumulate six points in three years, the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) can put you on probation and fine you with additional surcharges. The surcharges may continue for up to three years. Once a driver accumulates 12 points, the MVC will move to suspend your license. It only takes a few tickets to accumulate 12 points.

At Shebell & Shebell, We Fight All Types of Traffic Citations

If you have been issued a moving violation, by paying the fine, you are pleading guilty to an offense that could prove to be extremely costly. We defend against all types of moving violations, including:

Speeding tickets: A New Jersey speeding ticket carries one of the highest fine rates in the country. If you choose to plead not guilty, you will need to go to court. You have the right to be represented by a lawyer. Our firm will investigate your case to determine whether radar was used, or whether your rate of speed was recorded on camera. Traffic school may be an option for keeping costly points off your license.

Commercial trucking tickets: If you are a commercial trucker and have been issued a citation, know that the repercussions are much more severe than those faced by ordinary drivers. A truck driver will receive 1.5 points on their driver’s license for offenses that would land an ordinary driver only 1 point. Also, truck drivers cannot attend traffic school to keep points off their license. Truck drivers who are caught speeding more than 15 mph over the limit can be charged with a misdemeanor.

Red light violations: As with speeding tickets, New Jersey drivers pay the highest rates for failing to stop at a red light. If you received a ticket in the mail after allegedly running a red light on camera, the ticket can be difficult to fight. However, these cameras are not always reliable. Clerical errors, computer programming issues, and computer glitches can result in erroneously issued tickets.

Stop sign violations: If you are caught running a stop sign in New Jersey, you could have three points added to your driver’s license. When added to other offenses on your record such as prior speeding tickets or other moving offenses, you may face license suspension and increased surcharges.

Other traffic offenses

Shebell & Shebell also defends against citations for:

  • Passing a school bus
  • Improper turns
  • Careless or reckless driving
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Tailgating
  • Failure to yield
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license
  • Uninsured driver violations
  • Cell phone violations
  • Provisional license violations (learner’s permit violations)

Contact our Monmouth County traffic offense attorneys

Hiring a trusted traffic violation defense attorney can save you a lot of money. The insurance surcharges from accumulated points are only a small fraction of the price you may pay for pleading guilty. With each point added to your driving record, your insurance premiums are likely to rise. In addition, if your license is suspended you may not be able to get to work, resulting in lost wages, and potentially unemployment. If you were issued a traffic ticket, Shebell & Shebell can provide you will skilled legal representation. Contact Shebell & Shebell.