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NJ PI attorneys fighting for the future of clients injured by neglect

At Shebell & Shebell, we are committed to helping people. Our goal is to obtain full and complete compensation for people injured by negligence. We handle all aspects of injury law, including medical, hospital, and nursing negligence, trucking, car, motorcycle, and bicycle crashes, slip/trip and falls, products liability, negligent security, and civil rights violations.

We care about your future. We work to improve the lives of people in our community by bringing public awareness to dangerous products, medical practices, and other unsafe conditions that have caused injury to people. Our firm’s history of fighting for our community and for individuals like you dates back three generations to 1927.

We fight for people injured by:

Our approach to your case

Listening. In order to understand our clients’ needs in a personal injury case, we LISTEN. Many lawyers talk about their accomplishments and themselves. We listen, first and foremost. How can an attorney understand how another person feels and what they are experiencing unless they listen to and appreciate a person’s true story? Listening allows us to understand you, and also allows us to obtain detailed facts of your potential case, and whether we can be of assistance in the first place.

Understanding. Once we have listened to you, we are able to give you our insight into whether or not your circumstances meet required legal standards, and can evaluate whether we can help. Many times, we are unable during a first or even second meeting to determine whether or not you have a valid case against another person or entity. Part of the process of evaluating a case involves investigating all aspects of what you tell us. This may require the use of a private investigator, evaluation of medical records by Isabelle Britton, a registered-nurse attorney who is a member of our team, or consultation with an independent physician or products liability expert.

Acting. We believe that the most effective way to represent you in your injury case is to prepare you and your case for a possible trial from the very beginning. We do that by developing unique strategies, often involving the use of “focus groups” to brainstorm the most effective means possible to arrive at a just result for each client.  Our approach to pursuing the case is then tailor-made for each client’s needs.  If the corporation or insurance company refuses to accept accountability and provide full and fair compensation for the harm they have caused, we will proceed with litigation. Before trial, Tom Shebell is known to spend time at his clients’ homes, to get a better understanding of what it’s like for the injured person to live in his or her home environment.

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Shebell & Shebell has been a legal resource to the people of New Jersey for over 90 years. Our firm is committed to the future of our clients. As personal injury attorneys, we have seen it all. We have taken a personalized and zealous approach to our clients’ needs to comfort them in their time of uncertainty and provide effective legal services the produces results. For a consultation with one of our significantly experienced attorneys, contact Shebell & Shebell.