New Jersey Car Accident Lawyers: Study Finds More Than Half of All Motorists Engage in Risky Driving

If you think driving has gotten more dangerous—more speeding, more distracted drivers—you’re right.  A new report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety discovered that a staggering 87 percent of drivers engage in unsafe behaviors like driving while drowsy, speeding, or running red lights. The results were published in the AAA Foundation’s Traffic Safety Culture Index. If that number seems high, consider that the same report states that one in three drivers has had a friend or relative seriously injured of killed in a car crash.

Unsafe driving behaviors, such as speeding and running red lights, are only part of the problem—the other major issue is distracted driving.  Humans are not designed to multi-task while operating a car, truck, or motorcycle. When we try to talk on our cell phones, send or read text messages, we are driving “distracted”

Even though many drivers know this behavior is risky, they continue to do it because they feel they are more careful than other drivers, or that an accident won’t happen to them.  The evidence clearly shows that distracted driving kills people.  In 2013 alone, 3,154 people died in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers, according to

Technology was designed to make our lives faster and easier.  Unfortunately, too many drivers allow technology to distract them while driving.  70 percent of drivers report having talked on a cell phone while driving within the past 30 days.  Thirty-two percent admit to typing or sending a text or email while driving over the past month.  This type of distracted driving is especially risky because taking your eyes off the road for no more than two seconds can double your risk of being in a crash.

Speed is also a factor in many car accidents.  Common sense tells us that when drivers exceed the speed limit they are less likely to be able to stop in a timely manner.  Almost half of all drivers admitted to going 15 miles over the speed limit on a freeway in the past month.  Almost half of all drivers admitted going 10 miles over the speed limit on a residential street.

Running a red light also increases your risk for being in a car accident.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that in 2013, 697 people were killed and 127,000 were injured in cases that involved running red lights in 2013. Roughly 39 percent of drivers admitted to having driven through a light that had just turned red when they could have stopped safely.

Driving while drowsy or tired can be just as dangerous as speeding or texting.  Driving while drowsy reduces the ability of a driver make proper observations and slows their response time. Thirty-two percent of drivers admitted having a hard time keeping their eyes open while driving.

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