New Jersey Work Injury Lawyers: Workers May Not Recognize Signs of Occupational Hearing Loss‏

A recent study published in BioMed Central Public Health examined the relationship between hearing loss and noise exposure in the workplace. The researchers, who reviewed four years’ worth of data from factory workers and firefighters in South Korea, concluded that some employers should consider implementation of hearing loss prevention programs because a loud work environment can place employees at a greater risk for occupational hearing loss. And many of these employees may not even be aware that they have suffered an injury, as it can happen gradually over time.


There are many industries where hearing loss may be an occupational hazard – including construction, factory work, manufacturing, music and entertainment, emergency services and air traffic control. Continuous exposure on the job to loud noise results in permanent injury that can take multiple forms including partial deafness or hearing a chronic ringing in the ears (known as occupational tinnitus). A recent University of Michigan study revealed that more than half of the auto-manufacturing employees studied who thought they had excellent hearing actually suffered from some form of hearing loss.


The rate at which occupational hearing loss occurs is greatest in the first 10 years of exposure, making hearing loss prevention particularly important for new workers. Unfortunately, some studies have found that hearing loss can still occur despite the use of protection and not all protection will be equally inadequate in every workplace. Because hearing loss occurs gradually and over time, periodic hearing tests and diligent use of ear protection can go a long way in avoiding hearing loss or preventing further injury if some loss has already occurred.


For those who have already suffered a loss of hearing caused by conditions at work, Workers’ Compensation benefits may be available, including medical treatment, hearing aids, and monetary payments for permanent damage and lost wages.

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