New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Discuss New York Crane Collapse: Focus on Worksite Safety

On Friday, February 5, 2016, a 15-story construction crane crashed down on a Tribeca street, killing a Harvard-educated Wall Street worker and injuring three others. The crane smashed into several buildings before it hit the street, crushing cars parked across a two-block radius. The police and New York buildings department are currently investigating the accident, but high wind speed appears to have played a contributing role in the accident. After the accident, the city ordered all cranes to be shut down and secured due to the wind.

The Office of the Comptroller’s Scott Stringer has criticized New York’s Department of Buildings for failing to adequately address crane safety issues at worksites across the city. Stringer referred to the situation as a “safety crisis.” Hours after the accident, he announced the results of an audit that found that the buildings department failed to implement reforms recommended by the City after a study was commissioned to make construction sites safer.

Specifically, the audit found that only eight out of 65 safety recommendations had been fully implemented. A spokesperson for the buildings department responded that the department had implemented 30 of the recommendations and was in the process of adopting another 23. He further stated that crane safety oversight is stricter now than it has ever been. Some of these recommendations included the mandatory use of black boxes to record data from crane operations, stricter inspections of bolted connections, and the use of technical advisers during crane assembly.

The Mayor of New York defended the City and the crane company, but conceded that he was concerned about several recent construction accidents that he characterized as avoidable.

Others have pointed fingers elsewhere. Crane expert Tom Barth, an expert who analyzes construction accidents, has stated that the issue is not a lack of regulation or ineffective regulation, but incompetent safety inspectors.

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Construction companies are responsible for ensuring safe working conditions for all workers. This includes taking all necessary steps to ensure that the equipment being used on the job site is in proper working order for the given weather conditions. Unfortunately, construction companies often prioritize profit over the safety of their own employees. If you or someone you love has been injured on-the-job, you have the right to seek Workers’ Compensation benefits, including medical expenses and lost wages.


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