How does the NJ Law Against Discrimination protect employees?

In New Jersey, employees are protected by a series of laws that make sure they can hold their employers accountable in the event they face workplace discrimination. The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination allows employees to stand up for themselves and demand that they are treated with respect, as well has hold their employers responsible for breaking state laws. Not only does the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination protect employees from workplace discrimination and harassment, it also protects them from retaliation and wrongful termination. Under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, employers are not permitted to harass, demote, terminate, or refuse to hire a current or potential employee because of their gender identity, race, ethnicity, sex, religious beliefs, disabilities, pregnancy status, age, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, status of military service, or domestic partnership status.

If an employee in New Jersey feels as though they have been subject to degrading comments or offensive behavior because of discrimination, they may also have a claim under for a hostile work environment. Sometimes, the only way that an employee can truly hold their employer accountable and ensure that this discriminatory behavior stops is by bringing a lawsuit against the employer. Therefore, it is important to contact a team of experienced employment attorneys that can guide you through this process and help you find justice. If you need an employment law attorney that will fight on your behalf, contact the attorneys at Shebell & Shebell today.