Will I be monitored by an insurance company after my accident?

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If you have been involved in an accident that caused you to become injured and it was the fault of another party, you may want to consider bringing a personal injury lawsuit against the liable party. You may have become injured due to a slip and fall in a store, a trip and fall on a neighbor’s porch, in a car accident, or because a product malfunctioned. Whatever the case may be, you may be eligible to bring a lawsuit against the person responsible. In the event that you bring a lawsuit, insurance companies will start to become involved.

When an insurance company gets involved, they may actually send representatives to monitor you and videotape you, whether you realize it or not. It sounds creepy and is very unsettling, but it happens all the time. The insurance company wants to make sure that you aren’t lying about the extent of your injuries. Keep in mind, insurance companies need to make a profit, too. So, if they can somehow get out of footing the bill for your medical expenses, they will absolutely do so. This goes for all insurance companies (car, home, life, etc.), not just health insurance.

In the event that the insurance company does take photo or video footage of you taking a jog while you claim to have a leg injury, you can consider your case pretty much over. If you are well enough to participate in physical activity directly involving the part of your body you claim is injured, the insurance company is going to fight back, as is the other side’s attorney. It is also important to be sure not to post anything related to physical activity or your injuries on social media because that will be monitored as well.

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