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Many jobs involve repeating the same tasks over and over. This places stress on one party of the body that can lead to a workplace injury over time. The workers’ compensation attorneys at Shebell & Shebell, LLC know the impact a repetitive motion injury can have on workers. We fight to help them get the benefits they deserve.

Repetitive motion injuries can affect the hands, wrists, arms, elbows, shoulders, back and knees. They are sometimes called repetitive stress injuries or repetitive strain injuries (RSI). Repeating the same motion over time can lead to damaged muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments. Examples of repetitive motion injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis. These injuries can be painful and result in limited mobility for workers. This disability may be temporary or permanent.

This type of injury can occur at any workplace, including offices, factories, retail stores and construction sites. Tasks that involves repetitive motion include typing, slicing or pressing down during food preparation, operating a cash register, packing boxes, stocking, sewing, using hand tools or working on an assembly line at a factory.

The treatment for a repetitive motion injury includes resting the affected body part. That leaves a worker unable to do their job for some time. Their medical bills for treatment add up just as there is less money coming in because they can’t work.

Helping Injured Workers In Freehold And Shrewsbury

Workers’ compensation benefits are supposed to help workers suffering a repetitive motion injury. Getting the benefits you need and deserve can be complicated. Employers and insurance companies want to pay you as little as they can. That’s why you need an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer after a repetitive motion injury to help you with your claim.

Insurance companies may dispute the extent of your injury and challenge whether it was related to your job. They may require you to undergo an independent medical examination (IME) with a doctor that they choose. These doctors often give assessments that are in the best interests of the insurance company.

Our attorneys know the workers’ compensation laws. We know how the system works here. We can help you prepare for an independent medical examination to make sure the doctor knows about all of the symptoms you have been suffering. Our goal is to help you get the full amount of benefits you should be receiving.

If you are pressured by your employer and their insurance company to return to work even though you have not fully recovered from your repetitive motion injury, we will help you fight back. Our firm can arrange for you to get a second opinion from a reputable doctor or specialist to demonstrate that you are still healing from your injuries.

Work Injury Lawyers With The Experience That Gets Results

We know that the pain of repetitive motion injuries is very real. Your injury may have happened from stressing the same muscles through repetition, maintaining the same posture for long periods of time, working conditions that required abnormal posture, or heavy lifting.

You may have a lot of questions. “Can I get RSI compensation?” “How do I prove I have a repetitive motion injury?” “How do I file a claim for benefits?”

If you are suffering from a repetitive motion injury, it’s important to talk to a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible. Our office is in Shrewsbury, and we serve clients throughout New Jersey.

Don’t delay. The sooner we can get started on your case, the sooner we can document your repetitive motion injury. We can also take quick action to move your claim forward so that you can get the treatment that you need.

Learn more about how we can help you with your workers’ compensation claim. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. One of our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys can go over the details of your claim and explain what to expect as it moves forward. We can also answer any questions that you have.

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