Dealing with Your Employer After Your Injury

If you’ve been injured or become ill on the job and you want to file for workers’ compensation, you may worry about how to tell your employer. In most cases, your employer will be concerned for you and want you to receive the best care. However, in some cases, employers don’t receive the news well because they may fear their workers’ compensation premiums will increase or they may feel that you are trying to scam the system.

An employer can either help an injured employee through the workers’ compensation process or it can set up roadblocks to hinder the progress of the case. Here are some tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible:

Maintain good communication — Inform your employer of your injury or illness as soon as possible. Don’t delay. Provide a lot of details and answer any questions your employer has. Later, if you are having difficulty obtaining benefits, make sure you communicate that information to your employer.

Don’t allow your employer to intimidate or threaten you — If your employer is upset about the claim, your employer may try to intimidate you into dropping your case. This activity on the part of your employer is illegal because employers are not allowed to threaten or coerce an employee in retaliation for filing a workers’ compensation claim. If this is happening to you, consult with an experienced lawyer right away.

Make sure your employer complies with the law — Your employer is required to post information about your legal right to workers’ compensation and to provide the name of the insurance carrier upon request. If your employer is delaying providing you with information, politely make another request and document all requests that you make.

Working with an experienced New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney will help ensure that your employer complies with the law to get you the workers’ compensation benefits that you deserve.