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Chemical Exposure Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

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Some workers are exposed to toxic chemicals at the workplace. An accident can lead to a workplace injury that leaves workers in need of medical treatment. The workers’ compensation system is supposed to help but getting the benefits you deserve can be complicated. The experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Shebell & Shebell, LLC fight for your rights.

Toxic chemicals can be found at many different types of workplaces. These include factories, construction sites, industrial plants, chemical processing labs, refineries and trucking companies. There are safety procedures that must be followed with toxic chemicals, but it only takes one accident to leave workers exposed.

Workers can be injured in different ways, depending on the type of chemical and length of exposure. Some workers may breathe in toxic fumes, causing respiratory issues. Some may suffer burns or rashes if the chemical gets on their skin. Accidentally ingesting a chemical can cause internal injuries. Long-term exposure can result in cancer.

Work Injury Lawyers Who Fight For The Benefits You Deserve

An injury or illness caused by workplace exposure to toxic chemicals can have a significant impact on your life. The medical expenses for treatment can add up very quickly and become overwhelming. You can suffer a loss of income while you are left unable to return to work. It can become hard to pay the bills.

If you were injured due to exposure to a toxic chemical, you deserve workers’ compensation benefits, but the claims process can be complicated. Employers and their insurance companies may deny your claims. As a result, you may not get the treatment you need for your injuries to help you get better.

That’s why you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to fight for you. You may hear that you don’t need a lawyer to file a claim. Employers and insurance companies are hoping you don’t get one. They have attorneys, though, because they know the workers’ compensation process can be difficult to navigate.

Employers and insurance companies may dispute the extent of your injuries or the need for certain treatment. They may even decide that you are ready to return to work even though you haven’t fully recovered. Under the law, insurance companies can choose the doctors that treat your injuries, but these doctors don’t have your best interests in mind.

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If your claim for benefits is denied, we help you fight back. We can send you to a reputable doctor for a second opinion. We gather evidence and represent you at all hearings during the appeals process. Our attorneys build strong cases and know what it takes to convince a workers’ compensation judge that you deserve benefits.

Our firm has been fighting for injured workers for generations. We represent clients throughout the state of New Jersey. Our lawyers are determined to help you get the best possible outcome, even if it means fighting for your benefits in court.

If you suffered exposure to a toxic chemical, don’t take any chances. Talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible. It’s important to start building a strong case to help you get the treatment you need, and there are certain deadlines that must be met to maintain your eligibility for benefits.

Learn more about how an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you with your claim. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. Our offices are in Shrewsbury and Freehold.

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